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Bathtub refinishing by Eastern Refinishing

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The "infamous" Temple University crew

This is most of the "Infamous" Temple University crew. 1st. Sargeant Tom Cavileer (second from right) ran the show but everyone did their part (Even Charlie showed up). They did 204 entire bathrooms in 21 days with 0 defects. They liked our work so much our next university was St. Joe's with over 540 rooms. All this while also doing the Trump Marina, Trump Plaza and all our residential customers.
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Check out our movie cameo!

Find us in the movie "The Town" starring Ben Affleck and Blake LIvely. We refinished two ancient tubs and a pedestal sink. They wouldn't let Charlie be a co-producer, but they were grateful for the fast turnaround and great refinishing job by our Boston techs.
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Why not just tear out and replace the tub?

When you factor in the plumbing costs to remove and reinstall a tub, plus the landfill for the old tub and initial tub cost for the new tub, it comes to almost $2000. You're also without your bathroom for a week and it comes with a big dusty mess! You can refinish, also called reglazing, for a fraction of the cost. Most standard tubs can be brought to a "like new" condition, with a 5 year warranty, for under $450! It can all be done in one day, and you can use the tub the very next day!




Bathtub refinishing is the process of restoring the surface of a worn, damaged bathtub to a like new condition. This process typically involves repairing any damaged areas, prepping the surface and applying a new finish



Thank you to Dave for the prompt and nice repair he made on our bathtub. Please put this in your testimonials. Patrick Debel, NJ


Hi, I could not find where to leave a testimonial on your website. I personally want to extend a hearty thank you for honoring your guarantee. I had my tub reglazed in October of 2013, it had flaked/chipped in many areas. I called your company and 3-4 days later you had a nice, polite, sweet, gentleman come out to fix my tub. He did a wonderful job. Was here over 2 hrs. Basically made it like new. I will spread the word around about your wonderful, honest company. Thank you again for a job well done and for honoring your word. Jeanine Rybicki Lynn, MA


I just wanted to thank you and especially Bill who was so professional answering all my questions and doing an excellent job!  I couldn't be more pleased! The tub and surround looks FANTASTIC!!!  We won't put any water on it for a few days but doesn't look like it will leak :)...It certainly looks great and I will highly recommend you to others.  Thank you again for you prompt response, service and excellent job!  Sally


Thank You Eastern Refinishing (Tom/Bobby) for making my old bathtub and tiles look better than new!!! Now I'm not ashamed when I have out of town company and they need to use the shower. It is sparkling and easy to clean. I love, love, love your company. Notice that's 3 loves in a row! Rosemary C - Connecticut


I just wanted to get back to you about how pleased I'm with the job done at my house by Bill. He carried himself professionally, courteous and was a wealth of information. He left the place impeccable after finishing the job. I would do business with your company any time. It's rare to find a company with good subcontractors. You definitely have a gem in Bill. He's one the old school rare breeds still around with a great work ethic. It seems like I bought a new unit that replaced the old. I LOVE the outcome of the job. Definitely an appropriate & befitting name; tub wizards!!!! Thank very much. Have a wonderful rest of the day. Eternally grateful Henrietta Mtshali - NJ


Charlie/Tom. Just want to say thank you very much for the beautiful job that Victor did on my tub. Looks brand new! Victor takes pride in his work Very lucky to have such a perfectionist! Thanks again! Maureen DiCori

Charlie, To put it simply, the refinished job is absolutely stunning, but there is a problem. Now, there is no way the rest of my house can look so good! Kip Acton, MAE

Charlie, I want to thank you and your team for such outstanding work on my tub and wall tiles. Not only was the work done quickly and professionally but there was a sincere feeling that the guys doing the job liked the work that they do. Your folks took an old dilapidated bathroom and brought it to the modern times. We cant tell you how many compliments we have received on the color and refinishing of the tub. You would never know that the tub and walls were 60 years old!!! Thanks again!!! Anthony from Wilmington DE

Hi, Charlie! Just wanted you to know that we are so pleased with the work Bill Hepp did today on our bathroom. He was certainly a pleasure to deal with - very punctual and pleasant. He was so meticulous and really cared about his work. We would be happy to recommend Bill and your company to others. Sincerely, Howard and Helen Reed Linwood, NJ.

Charlie, It was my pleasure working with you and your team in doing our resent renovation at the Courtyard by Marriott in Princeton, NJ. Your team was professional and efficient getting the bath tubs refinished and turned back to our customer even with an ever changing renovation schedule. Eastern Refinishing delivered an exceptional product at great price. They will be the company I call first for future tub refinishing projects. Thank you greatly, Andrew N. Miller

Dear Charlie I want to apologize for not sending this correspondence to you sooner, but I just returned from a 3 week hiatus to sunny and warm Florida. Needed to get away from this weather in the Northeast. Since returning, I have been able to inspect the sink and tub refinishing work performed by your technician Tom Cavileer. They look great ! Although I wasn't here when Tom completed the 2 week project, but I do wish to report that according to my Rooms Division/Assistant Manager, Ms. Irene Buckley and my Executive Housekeeper, Ms. Tammy Baptiste, Tom performed in a most professional and efficient manner. His attention to detail and very high standard of quality was most extraordinary. From what I understand he even went back a few times to reinspect his own work to be sure everything would be to our satisfaction.....and I can assure you both Irene and Tammy will not accept anything less than quality work since your company is the second to refinish these tubs and sinks. The first time with Miracle Method was and has been an absolute nightmare. Though we still have to wait to be sure that the job will hold up as promised, I do want to assure you that between you and Tom, my confidence level is very high. Additionally, I hired your company back in September as a test to refinsh four tubs, and they have held up very well. By the way the 2 workers who came in to complete that project conducted themselves in a most professional and efficient manner as well. Finally Charlie, I want to personally extend my sincere thanks to you. As I explained to you during the planning stages back in January, I had not budgeted for this project and money at this time of year can be very tight. To help me out you went out of your way to arrange for your bank to accept Discover Card, which I needed to use for this project. That in of itself was a tremendous extension of service. To you, Tom and the rest of your staff my sincerest appreciation for your cooperation, professionalism and workmanship. We'll be in touch, there will be more tubs and sinks to be done next year. Sincerely, Greg Ketterer General Manager Shoreway Acres Inn

While away on vacation to Dominican, I was baking in the sun when I came across a lovely group of people that were together for their familys destination wedding. As the conversation carried on throughout the afternoon we learned more and more about each other. I soon found out that the people that I was speaking with were from Philadelphia. When I was asked œwhere do you work? I replied œEastern Refinishing, a company that refinishes bathtubs, sinks, countertops and tile. I specified that our company is based out of the United States but our home office is in Ontario, Canada and that is where we book appointments for the technicians and give quotes over the telephone. Within seconds the lady that I was speaking with yelled out œCHARLIE!!! THATS WHERE CHARLIES FROM, THATS CHARLIES COMPANY!!! I said yes! Charlie is my boss! She went on and on about the excellent work that was done on her bathroom 2 years prior by Eastern Refinishing. She was so pleased at the fact that her bathroom is still in great shape, just as Eastern Refinishing left it. She mentioned that when she called to book the appointment, the conversation that she had with Charlie is one that she will never forget and it made her day. A group of people in Philly meet a group of people from Ontario in Dominican and Eastern Refinishing / Charlie are what we all had in common. What a small world it is after all.

Charlie, We spoke on the phone and had a long conversation about refinishing the peeling area on my tub. "It was on your birthday!" After a time of joking, I promised you that I would write and thank you for arraging the job. Greg was here yesturday and did the beautiful job. He is not only a great worker but is a friendly, kind, and thoughful person. P.S I kept my promise and you didn't think I would!! - MURIEL

Hi Charlie, Wow you talk about a small world I called my sister in Wilmington DE this morning and I told her we hired you to do Laurens tub this weekend and she said oh my God we loved Charlie and Tom and how their tub is still sparkling and her tiles look awesome. You talk about a small world! Thanks again for all your help and it was so nice talking to you in Canada, have a great day and Ill tell all my friends about your company. By the way we just got another foot of snow in Franklin, Massachusetts and its only 4 degrees and bitter cold so see it feels like where you are now. Take care and stay warm, Linda

Beautiful job ! Friendly, quick, clean ! I may have you back later on about wall tiles.... In any case youll be well spoken of at Southgate (5 buildings).
Ill let you know what my wife thinks next week... Im pretty sure shell be delighted ! Thanks for such patient attention,

Richard Adams


Posted by Harriet Sopt on YellowPages.com

Eastern Refinishing transformed our old ugly bathtub, sink and bathroom tiles into a shiny, bright and fresh new room in our art school. I could hardly believe it was the same place. Charlie was so helpful on the phone, and knew exactly how much it was going to cost. It was way cheaper than the bathroom renovation we were considering, and will give us at least 10 more years! Tom and Bill did the work, and were efficient, tidy and very professional- I could tell they had refinished a lot of bathtubs! I would recommend them to anyone. The best part was, once I made the decision, it was done within a week, and only took one day.


Hi Charlie “ I just wanted to let you know that I was really very impressed with the recent bath tub and tub area refinishing you did for me recently. The tile and tub look brand new again, and no more horrid Harvest Gold! Thank you so much.


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Posted bySharonSilvermanon 08/11/2010

I just had my whole bathroom redone by Eastern Refinishing and I can't believe my eyes. It came out just like "Charlie" said it would. The guys were on time (actually early) and were very professional and charlie was the most honest and funny guy you could ask for. He told me what it would cost and what the results would be. I couldn't believe my eyes. Thanks again to Bob, Tom and of course Charlie for making this project easy and enjoyable. These guys are real pros.
Sharon S.

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Posted by bill08701 on 05/02/2010

I purchased a very old condo (two years ago) and have been steadily restoring it. The one area I did not have the funds for was the walk- in shower which had ugly brown tile from the 60's. The price of replacing was prohibitive so I thought I would just have to live with it. I ran across an ad for Eastern Refinishing and gave them a call.

Spoke to Kelly (very nice) and Charlie (a real character) and had an appointment within three days.

Got a call from Dave Birmingham the night before the appointment to confirm. Dave arrived early, was pleasant, and completed the job in about three hours. He asked me to take a look and I was absolutely amazed. My dingy dated shower looked like new! I took my first shower in it today and for the first time didn't feel dirty leaving it. Unlike most contractors Dave actually cleaned up and thoroughly explained the maintenance procedures.

Highly recommend this company.
Bill from New Jersey

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Posted by vp26johnny on 04/14/2010


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